The Santa Cruz Riverwalk has re-opened. If you live within walking or biking distance, now is the perfect time to get outdoors and visit the lower San Lorenzo River. Check out CWC’s newly published activities for you and your family to enjoy while abiding by the latest guidelines from public health officials to protect the most vulnerable in our community.

The closure of the Santa Cruz Riverwalk highlighted some of the many disparities in our community. Did you know that 1 in 5 people who live along the river walk or bike as their primary means of transportation? For those without financial means to own a car, their only option may be to walk or bike to an essential job or to buy groceries. With the closure of the Riverwalk, people were forced onto city streets, which are less safe than a dedicated bike path.

CWC works at this nexus of ecological and social need, as we focus our work on the lower San Lorenzo River. While we miss seeing your faces and engaging with the thousands of studentsteachersriver neighbors and volunteers CWC reaches each year, please know that the actions you take at home, in your neighborhoods and while visiting the Riverwalk matter. Your actions result in cleaner water, healthier habitat and a more vibrant Riverwalk where all Santa Cruzans can connect to nature.

Thank you for supporting nonprofits meeting direct needs of those most impacted by COVID-19. Thank you also for donating to CWC to protect this river and parks like the Santa Cruz Riverwalk so that all families have a safe, welcoming space to enjoy the outdoors close to home. Continue following CWC on Facebook and Instagram to hear the latest updates and stories, as we continue to protect the health of our river and our community together. Stay tuned!

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