Watershed Rangers

“As a Watershed Ranger, I promise to protect and care for our community and the San Lorenzo River. I promise to continue to explore the San Lorenzo River, ask what I can do to help out and share what I know with others.”

–Watershed Ranger Pledge

We all live in a watershed and we all can make a difference, no matter our age. The Watershed Rangers education program connects, inspires and empowers Santa Cruz County youth to explore and protect their local watersheds through meaningful hands-on learning and action. During the school day, students engage in four sessions of hands-on scientific investigation and study of their local watershed, increasing their awareness of local environmental issues and how they can be part of the solution. In partnership with local youth organizations, after-school participants engage in hands-on exploration of the San Lorenzo River and take direct action to support the health of the San Lorenzo River and broader Santa Cruz community.


Build Personal Connections

Students build connections to their watersheds in ways personally relevant to them.


Inspire Daily Participation in Sustainable Practices

Students make an impact in their community and watershed.


Increase Environmental Literacy

Students build knowledge of scientific concepts and understand impacts to the health of a watershed.


Empower Youth

Students recognize their full potential and their valuable contributions to the community. A focus is placed on not on the future potential of youth but on demonstrating how they can make a difference and contribute today.

Watershed Rangers in Action:


Art Kit Creates Connections to the San Lorenzo River

Art Kit Creates Connections to the San Lorenzo River

The arts are a powerful tool that youth (and adults) can use to express themselves and process their emotions. They also offer an opportunity to connect young people with nature. Jessica Carmen, one half of CWC’s Artists in Residence The Jams, is also a passionate...

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Learn how Watershed Rangers is making an impact:


“As a Watershed Ranger I pledge to be respectful and responsible to my watershed. I will help my watershed in any way I can. I pledge to enlighten the people who live in the watershed. I will be kind, willing and friendly. I will use my wisdom of the watershed to help and teach many other people.”

— Georgia, student at Branciforte Middle School

“The Coastal Watershed Council education program allowed my students to spend time being scientists in Fall Creek. They were able to do a survey of the stream and test the quality of the water using scientific tools. The chance to participate in hands-on science outdoors is invaluable!”

— Jessica Curcio, 4th,5th,6th Grade Science Teacher at San Lorenzo Elementary & San Lorenzo Valley Middle School

“I pledge to protect and conserve wildlife and natural features, to help make the world a better place and try to get people to do the same.”

— Kalani, student at Branciforte Middle School

“The Coastal Watershed Council has been bringing exceptional education to the 6th graders at New Brighton Middle School for years. Our kids are proud of their environmentally-aware community, and they really appreciate learning how to be even better stewards through their work with the CWC.”

— Molly Deich, New Brighton Middle School, 6th grade science teacher