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CWC's Watershed Rangers environmental education program helps youth find the power of their voice, not someday but TODAY - and they could be changed forever because of your generosity right now.
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The Coastal Watershed Council is transforming the lower San Lorenzo River into a community destination by inspiring people to explore, enhance and protect this critical natural resource.

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Homelessness at the River: CWC’s Position

Homelessness at the River: CWC’s Position

How do we protect the river AND honor the challenges and complexity of homelessness? CWC’s advocacy positions carefully balance being river advocates and respecting the dignity of people experiencing homelessness. There’s no denying that we’re seeing the negative effects on the river and Riverwalk from illegal camping in the riparian zone. What can a watershed nonprofit do about it?

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The National Geographic Society Supports Watershed Rangers

The National Geographic Society Supports Watershed Rangers

Have you ever picked up a yellow-spined National Geographic magazine, flipped through the pages and explored the world right from your own couch? Many of us have those fond memories from our youth. And in a way, we were distance learning through these experiences. We...

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How We Do It

People rely on and impact the San Lorenzo River every day. That’s why CWC’s programs and partnerships bring you to discover your river, learn something new and inspire you to act. CWC’s dualistic approach of healthy watersheds, thriving communities brings fun, education, recreation and innovation to Santa Cruzans every day and creates value for your community.

Improving Water Quality

Enhancing Habitat

Empowering Youth

Conducting Community Science

Increasing Access and Safety

Increasing Positive Activity

Building Community Capacity

Sustaining Flows


Your Donation Makes a Big Difference

Every dollar you give, drives action for cleaner water and healthier habitat and helps CWC reach thousands of river champions of all ages. By donating, you join a growing group of people committed to transforming the San Lorenzo River into a community destination by inspiring people to explore and protect it. It’s easy to donate online today.


You Have a Role To Play

Volunteer today and use your time, skills, energy and ideas to drive change for the San Lorenzo River and the Santa Cruz Riverwalk, the urban park that lines its banks. There’s a role for everyone – including you. How will you join the movement?