Riverwalk Engagement Plan

Learn how the City of Santa Cruz and CWC
are working together for a safe, vibrant Riverwalk

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We all live in a watershed.

And what we do on land affects the health of waterways and the Monterey Bay. Learn more about watersheds, what’s affecting them and what you can do to help.

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Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways that you can help create healthy watersheds connected to vibrant communities here in Santa Cruz County.

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River Health

CWC leads the Water Quality Working Group of the San Lorenzo River Alliance to reduce and eliminate pathogens in the San Lorenzo River.

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The Coastal Watershed Council works to reconnect healthy watersheds to vibrant communities. Learn more about our work for the San Lorenzo River.

Recent News and Upcoming Events

2016 Annual Report Published

What a gratifying year we’ve had at CWC. I’m proud that we’re working at a scale of impact we have never reached before now. That’s all because of you – whether you’re a CWC volunteer, donor, partner or community supporter. Thank you! In the last year we’ve grown our...

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2016 Volunteer of the Year

Every fall, the Coastal Watershed Council is faced with the challenging decision of who, among the many fantastic volunteers that make our work possible, will be the Volunteer of the Year. CWC is lucky to work with bright, enthusiastic, passionate and inquisitive...

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A New Class of Watershed Rangers

"Who wants to read your pledge?" 28 hands shot in the air. One by one 5th grade students at Green Acres Elementary proudly shared their Watershed Ranger pledge focusing on what they could do everyday to help out their environment and community. Proud voices declared...

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Your donation makes a big difference

Because of supporters like you, we are making incredible strides toward making the San Lorenzo River a vibrant, healthy and nourishing community space in the heart of Santa Cruz. Every dollar you give, gets us cleaner water, healthier habitat and a more engaged community around this important freshwater resource. It’s easy to donate online today!


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There’s a role for everyone to play in preserving and protecting coastal watersheds. Join your friend and neighbors and volunteer today. Everyone can make a difference – including you!