Connect to Your Inner Scientist

Become a water quality scientist for the day at the 18th Annual Snapshot Day on Saturday, May 6th. You’ll be trained to collect scientifically valid water quality data and water samples for lab analysis.

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived at the San Lorenzo River and CWC has a long list of events for you to join, get outdoors and reconnect to your river.

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You live in a watershed.

And what we do on land affects the health of waterways and the Monterey Bay. Learn more about watersheds, what’s affecting them and what you can do to help.

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Visit the Riverwalk

Are you wondering what to do in Santa Cruz? Try visiting the Santa Cruz Riverwalk! There are a whole variety of ways to revel along the Riverwalk, the City of Santa Cruz’s longest park that spans the lower San Lorenzo River.

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The Coastal Watershed Council works to reconnect healthy watersheds to vibrant communities. Learn more about our work for the San Lorenzo River.

Recent News and Upcoming Events

Ebb & Flow River Arts Project 2017 Update

It’s time to go with the flow!  Led by the Arts Council of Santa Cruz County with partners including City of Santa Cruz, the Coastal Watershed Council, City of Santa Cruz Arts Commission, City of Santa Cruz Economic Development Department, Tannery Arts Center, First...

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Can Steelhead Trout Survive Here?

"Steelhead Trout can survive here!" exclaims a 4th grader at Main Street Elementary School. I ask him why. "Well, there is enough dissolved oxygen, the transparency is high, pH is 6.5 and its not too cold!" With either a thermometer or test kit in hand, 4th graders...

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Your donation makes a big difference

Because of supporters like you, we are making incredible strides toward making the San Lorenzo River a vibrant, healthy and nourishing community space in the heart of Santa Cruz. Every dollar you give, gets us cleaner water, healthier habitat and a more engaged community around this important freshwater resource. It’s easy to donate online today!


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There’s a role for everyone to play in preserving and protecting coastal watersheds. Join your friend and neighbors and volunteer today. Everyone can make a difference – including you!