Join CWC's Growing Leadership Circle

Invest in the future of Santa Cruz and the San Lorenzo River with a gift of $1,000 or more annually to the Coastal Watershed Council

You can be a leader in transforming the lower San Lorenzo River into a beloved community destination. As a Leadership Circle member, you join a growing group of generous individuals who support the Coastal Watershed Council with an annual gift of $1,000 (just $85 per month) or more.

By joining CWC’s Leadership Circle you:

  • Help the Coastal Watershed Council manage the complex process of revitalizing and protecting the San Lorenzo River;
  • Are the first to learn what’s changing on the San Lorenzo River and what our partners are working on through “insider updates” from Executive Director Greg Pepping;
  • Are specially recognized (with your permission) on CWC’s website, annual report, and in our social media channels; and
  • Inspire others to support the Coastal Watershed Council and to preserve and protect coastal watersheds.

See a full list of people like you who have joined CWC’s Leadership Circle.

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Supporter Stories

“For me and my family, living within a community means building lasting relationships and connecting in our shared spaces. Over the last decade here in Santa Cruz, I have made an earnest effort to be useful in my community and help nurture our spaces and people. This work brought me to the San Lorenzo River, the one natural wonder of Santa Cruz that is underappreciated and under-utilized. Joining CWC’s Leadership Circle has given me and my family a rare opportunity to bring much needed attention and purpose to a shared space in our community that can offer so much to our families; a safe bike path for my kids to the Boardwalk, a running trail, a place to watch birds and other wildlife, a landscape to sketch. These are all of the things that I hope for and know my support of the CWC will make that happen!”

Susie O'Hara

“I love outdoor recreation of all types and one of my favorite local outings is going for a walk or a bike ride on the Santa Cruz Riverwalk. I find myself being inspired by the potential to return the river to a jewel of our community. I am excited by the possibilities for the Riverwalk to be a driver of economic activity, a destination for tourism and recreation, and a beautiful public space that our community can feel proud of. I am happy to share my time, energy and financial support with the Coastal Watershed Council.”

Jim Weisenstein

“Many of us choose to live in Santa Cruz to be near the Pacific, to hear the crash of the surf, to be in awe of the ocean’s vastness. But, equally, I adore the quiet stillness and resilience of the San Lorenzo River. As the afternoon sun sparkles on the wide reach between Riverside Avenue and the Boardwalk, the river feels more accessible, more a part of everyday life — literally. Because it is our largest water supply source, Santa Cruz wouldn’t be situated where it is without it. And yet, it is under-valued in our community relative to its importance. I consider the time, energy and money I spend advocating for the San Lorenzo and the adjoining five-mile Riverwalk as wise investments in our future. As we consider how to encourage recreation, generate housing, steward our environment, maintain public safety and grow our economy, we must always have an eye toward the river.”

J.M. Brown