Coastal Watershed Council Theory of Change

Healthy Watersheds, Thriving Communities

The Coastal Watershed Council Theory of Change demonstrates how CWC is building a movement to transform the lower San Lorenzo River into a community destination by inspiring people to explore, enhance and protect this critical natural resource. When people care for the river, learn about its significance and build a connection to nature, it benefits the river, its ecosystem and the community we serve. This movement will succeed when people, just like you, recognize their role and take action. Here’s how we do it:

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Listen & Learn

  • Meet people where they are
  • Document needs, ideas and desires for the river and for the community
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  • Create positive experiences at the river
  • Share relevant river information
  • Foster thought-provoking dialogue about the river
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  • Co-create projects that align benefits for the river and the community
  • Provide repeat, meaningful ways to make a difference
  • Provide tools, resources and support for people to act
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  • Train people to take action on their own and inspire others to join them
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  • Celebrate success stories that bring others into the cycle

There’s a role for everyone – including you.

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Download a PDF of CWC’s Theory of Change

CWC implements this Theory of Change throughout its programs. All actions drive the impact of a cleaner, healthier San Lorenzo River.