Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Santa Cruz County? At the Coastal Watershed Council, our goal is to find the best, most fulfilling volunteer opportunity for you. Fill out the form below and let us know what motivates you to volunteer. If a specific program below the form stands out to you, let us know. CWC’s volunteer opportunities are family-friendly, available as team-building events for your workplace and teach you something new about your environment and your community each time you participate. Make a difference for your river today!


Self-Directed Activities

There are several ways we can all help protect our San Lorenzo River, the main source of drinking water for local residents and habitat for hundreds of incredible plant and animal species. This San Lorenzo River Action Projects Guide provides opportunities to learn about, explore, and protect the San Lorenzo River from inside your home, around your neighborhood, and along the Santa Cruz Riverwalk!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Water Quality Monitoring

CWC offers a number of water quality monitoring programs throughout the year. You’ll be trained by a professional water quality scientist to take field measurements and collect water samples for laboratory analysis following EPA protocols. Data collected is used by resource agencies, local governments and community groups to address sources of pollution and take action to protect and improve the health of our local streams.

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Volunteer Opportunities in Santa Cruz County River Restoration

River Health Days

Join CWC and local native plant experts for the River Health Day series each fall. During River Health Day events, you will be trained to identify and remove invasive species of plants along the San Lorenzo River in San Lorenzo Park. Removing invasive species allow native plants and the animals that rely on them to thrive. Space is limited for these unique hands-on experiences.

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Volunteer Opportunities in Santa Cruz County Youth Education

Watershed Ranger

If you love kids and love protecting the environment, consider becoming a Watershed Ranger volunteer. CWC is looking for energetic individuals interested in working with students in environmental education. CWC leads experiential learning activities with students in kindergarten through 12th grade. Volunteers will help supervise, teach and inspire students during classroom and outdoor activities. Training will be provided so experience is not necessary but volunteers should have a comfort level working with kids.

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Volunteer Opportunities in Santa Cruz County Field Study


If you’re looking to dive into the world of watersheds, gain skills for a career in an environmental or non-profit field and create cleaner, healthier watersheds in Santa Cruz, consider an internship with the Coastal Watershed Council.

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Volunteer Opportunities in Santa Cruz County Internships

Community Engagement

If you like talking to people about the natural world that surrounds us, this is the opportunity for you. You’ll learn from Coastal Watershed Council staff how we’re improving local watersheds and you’ll share key information about your watershed with friends, neighbors, and the Santa Cruz community. By volunteering your time at local events you can expand the number of people who are part of the solution to pollution.