Your support drives each and every accomplishment of the Coastal Watershed Council from engaging 500 volunteers and helping to empower 2,500 youth each year for a cleaner and healthier San Lorenzo River. The impact that CWC and these volunteers and youth create results in improved water quality, healthier habitat, more sustainable flows and increased positive activity along the lower San Lorenzo River and Santa Cruz Riverwalk. Thank you for making this possible.

We invite you to continue your support of the Coastal Watershed Council with a gift this Tuesday, November 27 and join thousands of Americans across the country in giving back to the causes nearest and dearest to you, your family and your community. We hope you’ll join the movement and donate $25 to the Coastal Watershed Council on this annual day of giving.

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If you’d like to learn more about the impact of your gift, we invite you to read the Coastal Watershed Council’s Case for Support below. If you’d like to download a printable copy, please click here.


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