River Health Day Volunteers

Sq ft Invasive Species Removed

Sq ft Native Mugwort & Wildflowers Planted

Each year, CWC organizes River Health Days along the San Lorenzo River. These events improve riverine habitat, support native plant growth and beautify San Lorenzo Park. In four River Health Days from September to October 2016, 61 volunteers uprooted invasive plants and planted native seeds in their place to create healthy, native riverine habitat.

Led by experienced and passionate plant and restoration experts, CWC staff and volunteers removed invasive ice plant, Asian mustard, cape ivy, Himalayan blackberry, periwinkle and acacia from 1,432 square feet of riverbank habitat in San Lorenzo Park.

During the Volunteer Center of Santa Cruz’s October 22nd Make a Difference Day, volunteers returned to the sites once occupied by ice plant and other invasive species. They covered 287 square feet with native mugwort and wildflower seeds.

Thank you to everyone who make River Health Days possible

Thanks to the 61 volunteers including those from the California Native Plants Society and Bosch Baha’I Center of Learning as well as students from the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, Ponderosa High School and Santa Cruz High School.

Thanks to our partners at the City of Santa Cruz Parks Department and CityServe for your collaboration that made these events possible.

Finally, a very warm thank you to Linda Brodman, Val Haley, Daniel Williford and Leslie Keedy for sharing their knowledge and expertise of the plant world and guiding our impactful work.

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