At CWC, we’re so grateful for all of the volunteers, supporters, program partners and participants and community members that have made this year great. Your generosity, energy, and support make good things happen every day at the Coastal Watershed Council. Check out our 2022 by the numbers to see just how much you and your gifts count.

Check out some highlights from 2022:

Plant Profile: Beach Strawberry

Photo Credit: Flickr Commons Every second Saturday of the month, CWC (Coastal Watershed Council) leads River Health Days where volunteers help plant and care for a variety of native plant species to increase biodiversity and habitat complexity and support a healthy...

Watershed Rangers Impact Beyond the Environment

CWC’s Watershed Rangers afterschool program engages students to learn about and take action to help the San Lorenzo River. And it is more than that. A key aspect of the program is the impact it has on youth beyond what they learn about the environment. With a focus on...

Summer Adventures End with a Splash!

How does CWC celebrate the end of another phenomenal round of Summer Fun Watershed Rangers? By going back to the River, of course!

California Native Plants at Santa Cruz Riverwalk

Here is a guide to California natives at CWC’S restoration site located on the Santa Cruz Riverwalk. All plants were planted by its lovely volunteers, interns, and staff members.

There’s Plenty of San Lorenzo River to Share!

This week, youth in CWC’s summer programs encountered dozens of wild animals on the San Lorenzo River’s estuary beach- Their boisterous friends and neighbors! Find out how CWC supports community and youth development through summer river exploration.

Native Plants Create an Oasis

Native plants are important for so many reasons including pest management, increasing biodiversity, mitigating the loss of habitat from climate change, taking toxins out of our drinking water, enriching soil, reducing erosion, slowing down runoff, cleaning our air, and so much more.

Santa Cruz City Council Honors CWC River Ecologist Kaiya Giuliano-Monroy

Congratulations to Kaiya, who the Santa Cruz City Council honored with a 2022 Volunteer of the Year award for her excellent work coordinating volunteers to care for the San Lorenzo River ecosystem at the Santa Cruz Riverwalk Park, owned and operated by the City of...

An Introduction to San Lorenzo River Steelhead Trout

Steelhead trout of the San Lorenzo River have an incredible land-to-sea connection and are a very important part of both ocean and river ecosystems. Read on to learn more about local steelhead, their history, and the future of steelhead trout conservation!

River-Friendly Landscaping and Gardening

Photo Credit: Matt Pfieffer Did you know that you can help the San Lorenzo River right from your own home or garden? Learn some tips and best practices, as we summarize some of the lessons learned from Monterey Bay Friendly Landscaping and River-Friendly Landscaping...

First Impressions and a Second Look at the San Lorenzo River

Does the water always look murky to you? What’s the deal with all that green muck in the water? Through exploration and discovery, Watershed Rangers students get to the bottom of some common misconceptions about the San Lorenzo River through CWC’s perspective-changing field trips.

CWC Announces Laurie Egan as Executive Director

The Coastal Watershed Council is thrilled to announce the...

Can We Dig It? Yes We Can!

CWC’s Habitat Enhancement Site would be just a sliver of what it is today without the hard work and dedication of volunteers, including Watershed Rangers students! Get an update on how local 4th and 5th graders are transofrming the San Lorenzo River in partnership with Santa Cruz City Schools.

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