CWC River Scientist Whitney Reynier is returning back to her roots in the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest. She’ll miss the Santa Cruz sunshine, bike commuting to work using the Santa Cruz Riverwalk and interacting with the San Lorenzo River community on a daily basis. She looks forward to frolicking in the many rivers in and near her new hometown and reconnecting with family and old friends. And to all of her River Health Day volunteers, she says, “Don’t worry… my new backyard is full of invasive Himalayan Blackberry, so I’ll keep fighting the good fight to help my local habitat thrive.”
When reflecting on her time with CWC, Whitney shared,”It’s been inspiring to meet so many different people and understand their unique connections to the San Lorenzo River. Everyone connects to and cares about the river in different ways and the diversity of those connections is what makes our river community great. I’ve truly enjoyed working collaboratively with individuals, organizations, businesses, schools and local government agencies to find ways to make the San Lorenzo River the best that it can be. Interweaving science, art and community interests to transform the lower river has been so empowering and I’m excited to see what innovative projects CWC comes up with next.”

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