“Reflection”, “Pollution”, “Music”, “Water”, “Birds”.


When you think of the San Lorenzo River, what do you think of? Ask yourself this question, just as CWC asked the youth participants at Nueva Vista Community Resources after-school program. Their responses remind us that everyone has a different relationship to the San Lorenzo River and we are celebrate that with our youth participants.

The youth at Nueva Vista are busy creating a larger banner for the Ebb and Flow Kinetic Sculpture Parade with a theme of “The San Lorenzo River: the river of our past, of the present and for our future.” Each student will contribute their own personal art piece made of either natural or recycled materials. Woven together, we’ll have a kaleidoscope of ideas, perspectives and experiences of how we relate to the river. It’s a work in progress, just like our relationship to the river, always growing, always changing.

This activity is part of CWC’s ongoing after school program, engaging elementary and middle school students living near the mouth of the San Lorenzo River in collaboration with Nueva Vista Community Resources. Monthly, youth explore the river by foot, scooter or bike investigating the flora and fauna of the river and participating in chemical and biological scientific investigation to better understand the health of their river.


Learn How You Can Build a Sculpture for the Kinetic Parade
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