Thank you to the 60 volunteers who came out for the 17th Annual Snapshot Day water quality monitoring event on Saturday May 7th. This event is the largest of its kind in the Central Coast and for 17 years has been a great source of scientifically valid data about the health of local creeks, streams and rivers.

Equipped with water quality monitoring kits and skills, volunteers monitored 46 sites in Santa Cruz County from Año Nuevo Creek to the San Lorenzo River to the Pajaro River. They collected field measurements for dissolved oxygen, pH and conductivity and collected water samples to be tested for bacteria and nutrients. Thanks to the work of these fantastic volunteers, this year as in past years we can add to a robust data set. With 17 years of water quality data, CWC and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary can better understand trends in water quality and provide recommendations to improve watershed health.

For some, Snapshot Day is a tradition. Bruce has been a longtime Snapshot Day volunteer, monitoring the Año Nuevo and Waddell Creek sites year after year. He knows the area like the back of his hand and can document the changes in the channel and stream morphology each year. This year he was joined by first time water quality monitors who had an afternoon filled with “precise work and camaraderie.” A new Snapshot Day tagline perhaps?

Thanks again to our volunteers and sponsors including the City of Santa CruzCounty of Santa CruzCity of Watsonville and City of Scotts Valley. We’re grateful to Whole Foods Market Santa CruzTrader Joe’sVerve CoffeeViva’s Organic Mexican Food and Upper Crust Pizza for keeping our volunteers well fed and smiling throughout the day.

Save the date for next year’s Snapshot Day, the first Saturday in May – Saturday, May 6th, 2017!

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