The Coastal Watershed Council has recently turned more of its attention to our restoration site with the hiring of me, Kaiya, your friendly neighborhood River Ecologist. And we need your help! We are asking volunteers like you to lend a helping hand to our restoration efforts. In addition to our monthly community River Health Days, we will be adding some weekday River Health Days.

What will these weekday River Health Days look like?

They will be tiny teams working to keep our restoration site thriving. With us being in the dry season we will be giving our native plants some additional support to extend their roots deep into the soil, to blossom and seed, and to become self-sustaining. That is where you come in! If you are interested in spending 1-2 hours per week supporting these native plants by watering and weeding, please sign up. Just an hour each week can make a substantial difference for the longevity of this important ecosystem.

How does your volunteering impact the river?

Over the past six months, volunteers like you have cleared almost 100 square feet (about the area of an apartment bedroom) of highly invasive ice plant and Arundo and planted 404 native plants comprising 12 diverse species that have been growing, blooming, and establishing themselves on the banks of the San Lorenzo River. Each of these native plants has helped pollinators, birds and the entire San Lorenzo River ecosystem thrive. Every time I am out at our river restoration site, I see the positive impact. The ladybugs love hanging out on our native primrose. A monarch passes by and flies around gathering both food and water for its journey. A song sparrow comes down and grabs nesting material for its future babies and this is all thanks to the work we have done.

When should you come?

Currently, we have Wednesday 9 am-11 am on the schedule, but we would like to find a time that works for you. We ask you to please fill out the form below so we can find that time. Thank you.

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