Like so many of you, at CWC we’re always seeking new ways to learn more about the issues that matter most to us. As our community invests in a thriving local news ecosystem, we’re eager to see an increased focus on the environment in local reporting as we welcome home Mallory Pickett (pictured above), a former Coastal Watershed Council intern and new Environmental Correspondent at Lookout Santa Cruz.

Lookout Santa Cruz is the new kid on the block in local news, bringing digital-only and mobile-first, primary news sources to the many diverse audiences that comprise Santa Cruz County. A goal of the company is to support readers in becoming more civically engaged. Lookout’s newsroom of experienced journalists plans to cover a wide range of topics – from food and the arts to environment and business, and from education to health to government. This topical approach will connect with a diverse spectrum of civic organizations that serve the county, elevating awareness and sparking discussion of important community issues. CWC is excited that the Santa Cruz community will be able to learn more about the San Lorenzo River and other environmental topics through Lookout’s coverage.

Mallory shares, “Lookout will cover every aspect of the environment in Santa Cruz: not only the water and land, but how people in Santa Cruz County interact with those resources. This means the impact of agriculture, equity in access to green spaces, and how our transportation and housing choices affect the future of the area. Climate change is also a central focus. It’s an area where I have some expertise, as I have a graduate degree in chemistry and conducted some climate change-related research. I will be looking closely at how the changing climate will impact Santa Cruz, and whether or not the choices our leaders make are helping the area prepare for an uncertain future.”

As you learn more about Lookout Santa Cruz, consider becoming a member. If you do, you can select the Coastal Watershed Council to receive 10% of your membership fee for the first year of your subscription.

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The San Lorenzo River is cleaner than you might think, yet, there are a number of challenges, including pollution from bacteria, sediment and nutrients, which are under increased threat in the months ahead. Through monitoring, analyzing results and implementing data driven solutions, CWC is working to improve water quality in the San Lorenzo River.

Whether schools are teaching in-person, at a distance, or in a hybrid model, CWC’s Watershed Rangers education team will support over 50 teachers in over 20 schools to educate thousands of elementary and middle school youth about the San Lorenzo River watershed.

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