“How clean is this water?”

If that’s a question you ask yourself, then we have the tool for you. The County of Santa Cruz’s Water Quality Mapper helps you know the water quality of your favorite beach, creek or lagoon. With many locations updated weekly and an easy-to-use red, yellow, green indicator system, it’s an easy way to learn about water quality in Santa Cruz County. Follow these simplified instructions and you can learn how to navigate this great tool:

  1. Select the water body type from the drop-down menu – Beaches for coastal water quality and Creeks and Lagoons for freshwater sources.
  2. Click and drag your cursor on the map to observe different parts of the county. Use the zoom in (+) and zoom out (-) controls when needed.
  3. Reading the Results:

Red = “Avoid body contact with water (Exceeds State and County Body Contact Standards”
Yellow = “Caution (Bacteria counts exceed County Standards)
Green = “ Acceptable (Bacteria counts within County Standards)

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