CWC is pleased to announce that Eva Salas has stepped into the role of Board Chair, after previously serving in the role of Secretary. Eva is a San Lorenzo River neighbor who feels privileged to live near the Santa Cruz Riverwalk with her husband and son. The Riverwalk is a place she comes to meditate, walk, and admire nature, and it serves as her main biking route to get anywhere around town. She particularly loves to see the changing faces of the river throughout the year.

Eva is a Costa Rican biologist who moved to Santa Cruz in 2011. She spent many years working in marine ecosystems and has witnessed firsthand the critical influence that rivers have on the ocean. Fundamentally, she recognizes the importance of taking care of our watersheds to also preserve the unique beauty of Monterey Bay. She joined the CWC board in 2022 because she believes in the importance of involving herself and other local neighbors in the vision for the San Lorenzo River.

Eva is excited to guide strategy development by harnessing the strengths and energy of the CWC team, and by partnering with other organizations in Santa Cruz. “My vision is to transform the lower San Lorenzo River into an attractive destination where people and nature can thrive,” she said. “I hope to continue connecting our community to the river with the help of CWC’s education and habitat enhancement programs.”

Eva has a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz and works as a Project Director for Coral Reef Restoration at The Nature Conservancy. She loves mountain biking, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and hanging out with friends and family. We’re so happy to have her at the helm of the CWC Board!

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