From launching “Shark Days” at her school to volunteering at the Marine Mammal Center, Taylor (pictured above, right) has always loved the ocean and taken action for healthy ecosystems. From day one, Taylor made it clear – what’s affecting our oceans starts here, on land, in coastal watersheds. That’s why Taylor applied for an internship with the Coastal Watershed Council.

“As a marine science major, it might be odd for me to deviate from my ocean focus. However, as an aspiring marine ecologist, I believe it is imperative to take the whole ecosystem into consideration when discussing conservation. The Coastal Watershed Council’s approach to creating community awareness around the San Lorenzo River parallels my vision for how I believe people should interact with all aspects of nature — be it rivers, oceans or mountains.


As the Science Communications Intern at CWC, I have loved cultivating my skills and promoting environmental awareness through film and video. Having the opportunity to connect with citizen scientists, volunteers and the members of CWC has given me an inside look at the inner-workings of an organization that is making an incredible impact in the local community.”


— Taylor Bratton, Science Communications Intern

Taylor has produced a series of videos for the Coastal Watershed Council including one on First Flush, on River Health Days and more. Thank you Taylor for all of your great work!

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