Throughout the year, CWC is excited to host interns across all of our programs. Interns learn a lot and contribute a lot to CWC’s work to reconnect healthy watersheds to vibrant communities in Santa Cruz County. This summer, Spencer Schwartz, an intern from Pitzer College in Claremont, CA interned at CWC. Spencer shares:

“After returning to my hometown of Santa Cruz after finishing up my sophomore year at Pitzer College, where I am majoring in Environmental Analysis and Organizational Studies, I applied for an internship at CWC. As an Outreach Intern I combined and applied my interests of environmental issues and community engagement while working with the fun and enthusiastic staff at CWC. This was an incredible opportunity for me to work with others who share similar interests and I enjoyed the various tasks I took on each day. Whether I was writing an article for the monthly newsletter, designing posters for events, drafting press releases or even going out into the field to assist in water quality monitoring, I was always doing something where I was having a positive impact on the environment and community around me. Thank you Coastal Watershed Council for a great summer!”

CWC shares our many thanks with Spencer and wish him well as he heads off to Sweden to study abroad this fall! If you or someone you know is interested in an internship at CWC, you can view a full list of available internships and guidelines for applying.

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