From creating curriculum about steelhead trout to engaging students in watershed scavenger hunts, Shereen has shows that love and appreciation for the environment is a key part to protecting it. Her commitment and passion to inspiring young environmental stewards is clear in the way she engages youth in exploration of our environment and our community. Shereen shares her intern story:

“Upon graduating from UCSC in Marine Biology, I wanted to find a source of like-minded people where I could put my skills to use and also feel like I was making a difference. Upon expressing my passion and empathy for the environment I met an amazing person who told me about her work at the Coastal Watershed Council in Education. I hopped on board immediately! Working with local youth first-hand and helping them learn about their local watershed has been an invaluable experience for me and simultaneously lots of fun. I feel honored to be able to teach youth the importance of preserving nature, and how to be a leader in creating and maintaining a harmonious relationship with animals, nature, and human beings alike. Thank you to everyone at the CWC for allowing me to be part of a fantastic team, and for continuing to play a critical role in Santa Cruz’s watershed and community.”

— Shereen Ragoobeer

Thank you Shereen for all of your dedication and hard work! Are you interested in following in Shereen’s footsteps or know of a dedicated high school, undergraduate or graduate student that might be? Check out CWC’s internship page to learn more or email us at

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