Mary Snook is a student at Reed College, whose family lives in Santa Cruz, and who spent her summer as an Environmental Education Intern at the Coastal Watershed Council. Through the summer, Mary had the opportunity to learn while teaching others. Read Mary’s story:

“I worked with dozens of youth this summer at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz and Nueva Vista Community Resources to explore the San Lorenzo River and its watershed. We learned about bacteria, and how to prevent it from entering and polluting the river. We learned about the plants and animals that live in and around the San Lorenzo, and we explored why we worry about pollution in the river.


Throughout the experience I have had the opportunity to watch these students connect with their local watershed, and learn how to protect it. I am proud to have been a part of this program and CWC, even for such a short time, not only because I admire the organizations greater goals, but because of the immediacy of the educational programs in particular and the effects I observed firsthand. Walking back to the Boys and Girls Club from exploring the riverbank like we’ve done together these past weeks, students are tired and ready to go home. But still they hold my hand and ask questions- about the river, about the sketchbooks, about the animals we saw, what this or that plant was called- and make me smile with their continued curiosity.


Through this program I have done things for myself, furthering my career goals to work as a science educator, learning about the local watershed and how to measure and protect its health, and about the function and running of a non-profit organization. Even more, though, I have been able to do things for other people, and helped children to become active members of their watershed and their community, for which I am thankful and proud.”

Thank you Mary for your tremendous work this summer. You’ve made a difference and helped to shape the next generation of watershed stewards.

If you or someone you know is interested in an internship position at the Coastal Watershed Council, learn more and apply today.


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