Throughout the year, CWC is excited to host interns across all of our programs. Interns learn a lot and contribute a lot to CWC’s work to reconnect healthy watersheds to vibrant communities in Santa Cruz County. This spring, the CWC staff had the opportunity to work with Christian Torres a UCSC senior studying Biology: Molecular, Cellular and Development. Christian shares:

“When I came to Santa Cruz four years ago, I found the local riverways, beaches, and bodies of water to embody and contribute to the natural beauty of Santa Cruz County. Before leaving to go back home, I wanted to give back to this aquatic beauty by utilizing my science background, so I applied to the Coastal Watershed Council. As an Science & Monitoring intern, I visited many local river sites, updated site instructions, recorded data, and helped organize Snapshot Day event. This internship was a great opportunity for me to work with others that have similar interests and desire to improve the community spaces. I enjoyed talking to community members, sharing stories and hearing their personal experience to their local river. After this internship, I will continue to improve the environment through community effort and cooperation!

CWC thanks Christian for his support and contributions to our Snapshot Day and Urban Watch monitoring programs and congratulate him on his graduation! We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for Christian.

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