Leave a personal legacy of healthier rivers connected to more vibrant communities, today and into the future.

Consider the issues in this community you care the most about and the most vibrant organizations creating meaningful change in those areas. The Coastal Watershed Council intends to be around and thriving, for the long term, to protect the San Lorenzo River. Decades from now, threats to rivers will remain. CWC will be here to face those threats, working for healthy rivers and riverfront parks the community cherishes. That means that current and future generations will learn how they rely on and impact local rivers and creeks. Because of your support, they will build a strong bond and a personal connection with nature and be inspired to take actions to improve the health of coastal watersheds.

Leaving a legacy gift is the most enduring way you can show support for CWC’s mission of watershed protection. You can provide a lasting gift in a variety of ways, such as a bequest by will, a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust or other mechanisms. The simplest way is to add CWC as a beneficiary to your 401(k), 403(b), IRA or another qualified retirement plan.

If you are interested in creating a lasting impact on local watersheds, please fill out this brief form below so we can continue the conversation with you. The information you share will be sent directly to CWC Executive Director Greg Pepping, who will contact you directly. You may also contact Greg directly at (831) 464-9200 or gpepping@coastal-watershed.org. If you’re working with your financial or legal advisor, please use our official information below to ensure that your support helps CWC’s work.

Legal name: Coastal Watershed Council
Address: 107 Dakota Ave., Suite 4, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Federal Tax ID Number: 68-0368798