The Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) is moving our office to the lower San Lorenzo River so that we can more easily care for the river on a daily basis, see what’s happening at the river from our desks and more easily host events that bring you to the river. CWC’s office move means that we’ll be “walking the walk” at the Riverwalk with supporters and change-makers like you. Please update your contacts and records with CWC’s new address, effective May 3:

Coastal Watershed Council
107 Dakota Ave., Suite 4
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Over the past year, CWC has learned from you, from community partners and from watershed organizations across the country how we can be most effective in our work for a cleaner, healthier San Lorenzo River.

What’s clear is that CWC’s focus on the San Lorenzo River is working. And, to increase our impact, we aim to inspire people just like you to transform the lower San Lorenzo River into a community destination.

Imagine… what might happen if everyone you know cared for the San Lorenzo River; if everyone understood the river’s significance; and if everyone felt this connection to nature? What might be possible for your river and your community?

With a carefully defined strategic approach, CWC is working to build this movement of river champions. Because, at CWC, we believe that when people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can not only access and enjoy nature, but also play a key role in its preservation and protection, it benefits the river ecosystem and the entire community.

There’s a role for everyone – including you. We look forward to working with you at the river from our new office. Read more about CWC’s office move from the Santa Cruz Sentinel and check out:


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