Thank you so much for making 2018 great! Yes, you. People like you who follow CWC’s work, who participate, act and advocate for your river are generating positive change for your San Lorenzo River. You’ve accomplished a lot in 2018 and, as a result, your river is becoming cleaner and healthier. Here are just a few of the 2018 accomplishments that you made possible:

  • 650 people who live within a half mile of the lower San Lorenzo River learned about data-driven best practices that they can easily implement for a cleaner, healthier river including picking up after their pets, inspecting sewer laterals and keeping storm drains clear and clean.
  • 540 volunteers monitored water quality collecting 1,582 data points, removed invasive ice plant from 8,364 square feet along the lower river, planted over 1,000 diverse native plants and removed non-point source pollution from entering storm drains.
  • After attending a CWC-hosted event in 2018, 406 event attendees pledged that they would return to the San Lorenzo River during the year in order to help increase positive activity along the Santa Cruz Riverwalk and San Lorenzo Park.
  • 727 youth visited the San Lorenzo River with CWC on field trips with their schools, youth groups, after-school programs or summer camps.
  • 2,651 youth in grades K-8 became sworn Watershed Rangers after participating in a Coastal Watershed Council lesson series where they learned about their local river and pledged to take specific actions to preserve and protect their watershed.
  • 120 neighbors who live along the lower San Lorenzo River participated in community meetings to share their vision, hopes, concerns and challenges for the lower river and participated in solution-driven brainstorming and other activities to work toward better connecting their community to one another and to a thriving river ecosystem.
  • 57,749 square feet of habitat along the lower San Lorenzo River was enhanced and maintained by River Health Day volunteers like you.
  • CWC began implementing its updated strategic plan, including the Theory of Change. To ensure that CWC programs were effectively achieving outcomes for a healthier river ecosystem, safer and more accessible riverfront parks, and for youth to be successful in life, college and career as a result of participating in CWC’s Watershed Rangers program, 23 objectives and key results were analyzed in partnership with Applied Survey Research.
  • CWC moved our office to the lower San Lorenzo River, which increased the feasibility and logistics of hosting more programming at the river and truly incorporating the Riverwalk into our daily lives, just as we hope many of you will do to transform the lower San Lorenzo River into a beloved community destination.
  • Welcomed new faces to CWC’s staff including CWC Environmental Educator Sam Adelson and CWC Development Associate Geoffrey Miller and Board of Directors including realtor Richard Beach and Emily Chung, Program Director, County of Santa Cruz Health Services Agency.

Thank you for making all of these 2018 accomplishments possible! Stay involved in 2019. You can sign up to volunteer or make a donation to continue to impact your river in the year ahead!

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