We know that after school is a critical time to provide a safe space for students to learn new skills and engage in hands-on science and art.

After school programs have been proven to improve academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for the children. CWC after school programs engage youth in their natural backyard and create opportunities for them to examine their connection with their local watersheds. 

Community Service Learning (School Campus Based)

The 23 week Watershed Rangers Service Learning Program engages students in exploration of their local community and creates opportunities for students to learn about, identify solutions, and be stewards of their community. The program is designed to develop youth’s communication, leadership and problem-solving skills while solving real-world local issues related to the San Lorenzo Watershed. The program is shaped by five phases (Investigation, Planning and Development, Action, Reflection, and Demonstration/Celebration).

Community Investigation 
Investigate community needs, learn from diverse subject matter experts about age-appropriate community issues, discuss and vote on the issue to investigate and conduct research on the selected issue.  

Planning and Preparation 
Brainstorm solutions to the problem and develop an action plan to implement specific solutions in a community service project.  

Youth lead the service activity with participation from neighbors and community members.  

Reflect on and evaluate the service activity and their experience and how they can apply the knowledge gained during the program to other situations. 

Prepare and present their findings to the community in a community-based forum and celebrate internally their accomplishments.  

San Lorenzo River Arts (Community Center Based)

Youth engage in hands-on exploration of the San Lorenzo River. Through observation, scavenger hunts, and scientific investigations, youth apply their experience and knowledge to create artistic representation of the plants and animals that call the San Lorenzo River home. 

CWC is proud to partner with Nueva Vista Community Resources, a program of Community Bridges, that serves the Beach Flats and Lower Ocean community. We partner with the group’s After School Homework Club.  Through bike trips along the riverwalk, team-building challenges near the lagoon, and investigative walks around their community students learn about the plants and animals of the San Lorenzo River and how they are directly connected to the river itself.

The Boys and Girls Club of Santa Cruz County engages hundreds of local kids throughout the year with computer skills, teen center, swimming and more. CWC is partnering with the Boys and Girls Club to provides weekly art activities focused on exploring the plants, animals and history of the San Lorenzo River. This program is an opportunity for youth to discover that this important river is right next door.

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