Did you know that threatened and endangered species of fish in the San Lorenzo River rely on the same water that you do? The more water you use, the less there is for these critical species of fish. There are so many things you can do for a cleaner, healthier San Lorenzo River. Complete this activity to learn 10 different ways that you can help your river!

Activity Overview

In this activity, you can review the different ways that you can make a difference for the San Lorenzo River. You can read each one and think about whether or not it is something you already do, or might consider doing in the future. We encourage you to draw the activity, either in the space on the worksheet or wherever you might like. In the picture, you can draw what a clean and healthy river looks like, and the action that you want to take to help protect the environment around you!


Every day, we rely on and impact the San Lorenzo River. We rely on the river for drinking water. Did you know that two-thirds of the drinking water for Santa Cruz City Water customers comes from the San Lorenzo River watershed? We also impact the San Lorenzo River as pollution leaves your property and enters nearby waterways. There are so many ways you can act now to help your river. Check out this activity to learn more.

Materials Needed:

  • PDF worksheet (Click button below to download, or read online)
  • Drawing materials such as paper, colored pencils, markers and/or crayons.


  1. Download and print the worksheet.
  2. Read the list of things you can do to help the San Lorenzo River.
  3. Circle any actions that you commit to taking.
  4. Draw a picture of a healthy river.
  5. Draw yourself in the picture, taking action for a cleaner, healthier river.

Thank you to New Leaf Community Markets and artist Gill Seaman for your support in creating these activities for CWC’s Watershed Rangers Activity Book.

To all of the Watershed Rangers students, teachers and program partners, although we will not be able to see you in classrooms, field trips and after school programs right now, we hope to provide you and your loved ones with online resources and activities during this time. We know that parents, teacher and lifelong learners are seeking ways to stay engaged and active, and we’re going to be working to bring activities to you through the Coastal Watershed Council blog. Please share these resources and activities with friends, neighbors and parents groups and stay tuned for more.

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