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At Santa Cruz CORE, our mission is to help people on their paths to optimal health.

This includes the alignment and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Many people experience an imbalance of wellness. This is often because we focus on our body’s health but neglect our mind and spirit, or vise versa. It is quite natural for us to be concerned about our own bodies and take care of them.

To serve the body, there are gyms, fitness studios, personal instructors, and a wide range of workout gear and equipment. To serve the mind, we can choose from meditation studios, massage, yoga, therapy, friends who listen, and more.

However, there is another element to our wellbeing that people often overlook: our environment. The quality of the air we breathe can impact our respiratory system, brain function, and general mood. Similarly, being immersed in nature is found to have a positive effect on humans’ emotions and wellbeing, a kind of innate “biophilia”.

We have one body, one mind, and one environment, and we want them to all be in synergy with each other. So, just as we need to take care of ourselves, we need to take care of the environment around us.

The San Lorenzo River:

Here in beautiful Santa Cruz, the environment around us includes the San Lorenzo River. We are lucky to live in an area with a temperate climate, beautiful forests, and even a lively coast to enjoy the ocean. However, everything requires upkeep, and the San Lorenzo River is no different.

Did you know that nearly 100,000 people rely on the San Lorenzo River for the majority of their drinking water? Moreover, the San Lorenzo River provides approximately half of the drinking water supply for Santa Cruz. Beyond affecting us directly, the river is also home to a number of amazing animals. This includes 122 bird species, the Pacific Lamprey, and endangered fish such as coho salmon and tidewater goby.

Pivot Towards Your Purpose:

Santa Cruz CORE Fitness + Rehab is hosting Pivot Towards Your Purpose on September 28th, with the proceeds benefiting the Coastal Watershed Council (CWC). The CWC is a non-profit that has been established in Santa Cruz since 1995. The Coastal Watershed Council is an amazing organization that protects the environment and wildlife of the San Lorenzo River. Not only that, but the Coastal Watershed Council helps to educate residents and bring fun to their important work.

The CWC believes that when people care for the river, learn about its significance, and build a connection to nature, it benefits the river ecosystem and the community we serve. Many other communities have thriving urban riverfronts where people can recreate, get healthy, and connect to nature in the heart of their downtowns. Santa Cruz can have this too if we take the time to invest in our river! CORE heartily agrees with this message and would like to contribute to the care of the environment and the community.

Jaimi Jansen, CEO of Santa Cruz CORE, explains, “Pivot is all about inspiring individuals to live in their purpose and to embrace who they are, and live in integrity. Part of that is being in integrity with the environment around us”.

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