Who We Are

About CWC

The Coastal Watershed Council is a dynamic and growing non-profit based in Santa Cruz, CA, working to reconnect a healthy watershed to a vibrant community. By inspiring youth and adults through special experiences at local rivers, by improving water quality and habitat and by helping residents and tourists rediscover what rivers mean to our daily lives, CWC continues its mission, since 1995, of preserving and protecting coastal watersheds. Check out CWC’s flagship project for the San Lorenzo River watershed.


The mission of the Coastal Watershed Council is to preserve and protect coastal watersheds through community stewardship, education and monitoring.

History & Accomplishments

The Coastal Watershed Council (CWC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit, was formed in 1995 in response to the declining health of watersheds connected to the Monterey Bay. CWC’s mission is to preserve and protect coastal watersheds through stewardship, education and monitoring. Over the past 20+ years, CWC has educated thousands of students and trained thousands of volunteers to protect the natural resources along California’s Central Coast. CWC’s technical experts follow state and federal protocols to generate scientifically valid data that inform key decision-makers. CWC’s history has positioned us as well-respected experts in watershed protection and river restoration. Today, we are using this expertise to revitalize the San Lorenzo River.

CWC co-founded San Lorenzo River Alliance in 2013, uniting partners from government, local businesses, nonprofits and community groups. Using three main strategies including water quality and habitat improvements, community engagement and positive media attention, we seek to change how people view and interact with the river.

CWC’s federal tax ID is 68-0368798.