Adopt a Parklet

You know that beautiful, accessible, thriving urban centers improve quality of life for you, your colleagues, your customers and your community.

Across the nation, people are investing in their urban riverfronts, transforming areas of blight into vibrant community spaces for everyone to enjoy. We too can have that right here in Santa Cruz, with your help.

The Coastal Watershed Council is inviting business leaders like you to invest in the vibrant future of the Santa Cruz Riverwalk by adopting a parklet.

“What’s a parklet?” you might ask. A parklet is a highly visible area of vegetation at the entryway and exit points of the Riverwalk. They may just have mulch now, but can be vegetated with native, drought-tolerant plants that beautify the park, enhance the native plants along the river for birds and bugs and provide spaces for the community to enjoy with features of your choosing like art, benches or interpretive signage.

It’s a great team-building opportunity for your team as you choose your parklet, design your landscape and implement it, together.

We’re thrilled to include partners like the Rotary Club of Santa Cruz, Ecological Concerns, Inc. and Plantronics in the Adopt a Parklet program. We share many, many thanks to the City of Santa Cruz’s Parks and Recreation Department who make this program possible and work tirelessly to create and maintain city parks for all of us to enjoy.

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