CWC’s Watershed Ranger program inspires, educates and empowers the next generation of environmental leaders.

We know that environmental education starts with awareness and knowledge. We also know – it doesn’t end there. CWC’s environmental education program Watershed Rangers is built upon critical thinking, using science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) to problem solve and make real-world decisions that impact local watersheds. Students discover their leadership and the ways in which they too can be a leader in their own community. It results in action and stewardship as students enact their newly developed skills and engage in community projects. The program is designed to support learning both in the classroom and in the field as well as Next Generation Science Standards. Goals of this program include:



Build Personal Connections

Students build connections to their watersheds in ways personally relevant to them.


Inspire Daily Participation in Sustainable Practices

Students make an impact in their community and watershed.


Increase Environmental Literacy

Students build knowledge of scientific concepts and understand impacts to the health of a watershed.


Empower Youth

Students recognize their full potential and their valuable contributions to the community. A focus is placed on not on the future potential of youth but on demonstrating how they can make a difference and contribute today.