What We Do

The Coastal Watershed Council is a dynamic and growing Santa Cruz-based non-profit working to reconnect a healthy San Lorenzo River watershed to a vibrant community.

By inspiring youth and adults through special experiences by our local rivers, by improving water quality and habitat and by helping residents and tourists rediscover what rivers mean to our daily lives, CWC continues its mission, since 1995, of preserving and protecting coastal watersheds.

To accomplish this ambitious goal the Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) founded the San Lorenzo River Alliance in December 2013 to transform Santa Cruz County’s relationship with its largest watershed from one of apathy to one of respect, restoration and recreation. CWC is engaging community members and working with local leaders to boldly transform a distinct lower section of the river into a thriving urban park that enhances habitat and recreational opportunities. Successes along the lower river will lay the groundwork for essential watershed restoration along the entire river and throughout California’s Central Coast.

Upcoming Tours in the Exploring the San Lorenzo Series