From the early summer until the first rains come in, CWC volunteers focus on maintenance at the habitat enhancement site along the lower San Lorenzo River including watering and weeding the native seedlings, helping them become established and thrive during these dry months. While River Health Days, events where volunteers join us on the banks of the river to assist with this maintenance, looked different from past years, the habitat enhancement site and the thousands of native seedlings planted by previous volunteers received attention and diligent care from a dedicated team.

This past summer, a small and mighty team of regular volunteers rotated throughout the week, each tending to a different section of the habitat enhancement site. Their consistent watering, weeding, and site maintenance made all the difference– ensuring successful native plant growth. From August to November 2020, 9 volunteers had worked a combined total of 44 hours. Large groups were avoided and volunteer numbers were limited as COVID-19 safety became a top priority.

Though volunteer numbers were smaller, the dedication, enthusiasm, and quality of work of those who offered their time to support the river’s ecosystem were inspiring. We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the volunteers who generously spent their time at the river. Their work is invaluable and CWC deeply appreciates their service to our community and environment.

Moving forward, volunteer and staff safety continues to be a priority. More volunteer opportunities to get outside and contribute to a healthier San Lorenzo River are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

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