As part of the Coastal Watershed Council’s bold commitment to spark meaningful change along the San Lorenzo River, we hosted Meander, a benefit dinner on the banks of river on Sunday, June 26th. This sold out event was put on by an incredible, talented team of over 20 chefs, vintners, brewers, artists, entrepreneurs and more. We’re so grateful for their participation and dedication to the San Lorenzo River. Each person has their own connection to nature that they share through Meander. Here are a few of their stories:

“I grew up on ‘River Lane’ in Felton. I spent every day of every summer floating down the river to the Garden of Eden. My house was literally on the river across from Henry Cowell. I feel so privileged to have grown up that way. I now have children of my own and I’m sad to say that I don’t feel safe letting them play in the river. I feel this is a very important issue for our community and we need to address it. Meander is a great way to bring attention to the beautiful resource of ours. As a locally raised chef I feel honored to be a part of this event!”

— Jessica Yarr-Pinchin

The Glass Jar

“Friend In Cheeses Jam Co has been dedicated since day one to the preservation of our precious resource: WATER and to be able to participate and share some of our DROUGHT RESPONSIBILITY PROJECT line of jams and raw milk cheeses to the guests of MEANDER is a match like no other. Water doesn’t discriminate and without it there is no future. To recognize and protect is a step into a healthier future. We hope we make a difference for our tomorrow. A drop of water can move a mountain.”

— Tabitha Stroup

Friend in Cheeses Jam Company

“My family’s commitment is to the preservation of our resources in the beautiful place we call home.  I run along the levee of the river and find it an important space of beauty, relaxation, and a place of exercise!  So, I am so happy to be a part of Meander for all these reasons!”

— Denis Hoey

Odonata Wines

Meander is presented by lead sponsors, Plantronics and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, in collaboration with a talented culinary lineup including Jessica, Tabitha, Denis and so many more. The Meander creative team includes folks from Nielsen StudiosThe Glass JarCrystal Birns PhotographyBotanicalAllison Garcia Photography and local vintners and brewers. Thank you to everyone who makes Meander happen.

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