Share your opinion on new sewer lateral requirements…

On Monday, September 18, the City of Santa Cruz Transportation and Public Works Commission will convene to discuss, among other items, the proposed changes to the City’s Sanitary Sewer Ordinance. Proposed changes will require sewer lateral inspections upon point of sale and will require more immediate response and management to sanitary sewer overflows and spills.

The intention behind the following changes, proposed by the City Public Works Department is to reduce the incidents of spills and leaks that release polluted waste water into our neighborhoods and local waterways.

  1. The owner of a property that has a sewer spill is responsible for stopping the spill immediately and will be subject to fines and penalties if inspections and repairs are not made in a timely manner.
  2. Prior to the sale of property, the property owner must have the sewer lateral (the sewer pipe that goes from your house to the City’s sewer pipe located in the middle of the street) inspected by an authorized inspector, make any needed repairs and submit an inspection form to verify compliance.

The public is welcome and invited to join in the discussion and to learn more about the proposed changes. The meeting will occur at the City of Santa Cruz Council Chambers at 809 Center St. and will begin at 7 PM. You can read more about the proposed changes by clicking on the link below:

Sewer System Ordinance 16.08 – Amendment RPT 9-18-17