The City of Santa Cruz Public Works department maintains and repairs underground sewer mains that carry waste from homes and businesses to the Wastewater Treatment Facility. As pipes age overtime or the City infrastructure changes the City must update this important system to prevent backups, overflows and sewage leaks. The City of Santa Cruz is currently working on two sewer projects:

On May 8th, the City of Santa Cruz began work on the Eastside Alley Sewer Project. The city is replacing 7,500 lineal feet of old 6-inch diameter clay sewer pipelines with new 8-inch diameter polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipeline in the streets and alleys bound by Prospect Heights, Trevethan Avenue, Allerton Street, Morrissey Boulevard and Pacheco Avenue. The new PVC pipe will replace the old failing pipeline improving sewer main function and stopping sewage from leaking into the ground and local waterways. Construction is expected to be completed by early September. The cost of this project, approximately $1,500,000, is funded through sewer use rates.

The City of Santa Cruz  has begun the East Cliff Emergency Repair Project to address the eroding slope above Seabright Beach. The City will remove a portion of a damaged concrete sack wall and relocate 150 feet of failing handrail, sidewalk and sanitary sewer line away from the coastal bluff along the south side of East Cliff Drive near Alhambra Avenue. The project is funded by City’s Capital Improvement Program for approximately $150,000 and the Sewer Fund for $150,000. The construction is expected to be completed in early June.

You can tour these construction sites and learn more about sewer system upgrades during Public Works Week, May 21 – 27. See the full schedule of tours here.