Do you walk your dog near the river? Do you ever notice pet droppings left behind with no Poop Fairy to clean them up?

Coastal Watershed Council and the City of Santa Cruz Public Works Department invite you to help your river and your community by participating in the new Pet Waste Survey Team. This survey measures how much pet waste is being left behind on the ground or pavement and as a result could be entering the San Lorenzo River.

Volunteering is simple!

When you are out for a walk in Downtown, Beach Flats, near Ocean Street or along the San Lorenzo River tally up the number of dog walkers you observe and any pet waste you see left behind on the ground or pavement. Then submit the data to CWC.

This effort is part of a joint campaign by the City of Santa Cruz and Coastal Watershed Council to reduce bacteria levels in the lower San Lorenzo River. Sign up to volunteer here.

Volunteer for the San Lorenzo River Health Project

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