Participating in habitat restoration projects such as CWC’s River Health Days is a tactile experience for youth. Imagine… the crunchy soil tickles your hands, the clack of the shovel hits a rock reverberates in your ears, the sight of an earthworm inching by encourages you to look closer at your surroundings, the smell vegetation surrounds refreshes you as you help restore the San Lorenzo River. It is during experiences such as these that youth build a deeper personal connection to the San Lorenzo River and learn how to contribute to a thriving San Lorenzo River.

Since 2015, hundreds of adults and families have participated in River Health Days along the banks of the San Lorenzo River. Now in 2019, the Coastal Watershed Council is introducing Youth River Health Days. Through Youth River Health Days, the Coastal Watershed Council will engage over 150 youth in meaningful action projects that support the health of the San Lorenzo River while enhancing over two acres of thriving river habitat along the banks of the San Lorenzo River. As an action project, Youth River Health Days are an opportunity for youth to learn more about their local river ecosystem, learn how native plants contribute ecosystem services to the local environment and their community and gain hands-on experience in habitat restoration.

Youth will learn from CWC education staff about proper planting or invasive removal techniques and be provided with all the necessary equipment. Youth River Health Days will last between 1-2 hours depending upon the age of the group and can be combined with a classroom visit to introduce youth to the needs and benefits of habitat restoration. Youth River Health Days meet Next Generation Science Standards and are available for your youth group or school.

Learn more and join CWC at a Youth River Health Day!


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