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The San Lorenzo River is a vital freshwater source that supports critical habitat for native species of birds, bugs and fish. The park that lines the river’s banks, the Santa Cruz Riverwalk, is a public space where everyone can reconnect to nature and one another in the heart of downtown Santa Cruz. As a local non-profit committed to realizing the vision of a cleaner, healthier, safer and more vibrant San Lorenzo River and Santa Cruz Riverwalk, we are here to facilitate your group or team in activity that further connects you to one another and to your environment. If you’re looking for group volunteer opportunities in Santa Cruz, then join a growing group of corporate teams and community groups making a difference for the San Lorenzo River, Santa Cruz and each other. Past participants include:


Plantronics staff volunteered together with CWC at their parklet for Make A Difference Day.

Santa Cruz Warriors

CWC hosts a group volunteer experience for the Santa Cruz Warriors players, coaches, staff and season ticket holders.

Local Schools

Students from Ponderosa High School and the Bosch Baha’i School team up for a group volunteer experience at CWC’s River Health Days.

Rotary Club of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Rotary Club volunteers with CWC’s Adopt A Parklet Program.

Emerging Leaders Circle

Emerging Leaders Circle young professionals joined CWC for along the San Lorenzo River for a group volunteer project on Earth Day.

One of the best parts about volunteering with CWC was meeting people from my organization with a shared passion about the San Lorenzo River. I found out that some of the people I worked with for years but have never gotten to know have a commitment to the river and to giving back to their community. It was wonderful to not only get to know my coworkers a little better but also to learn that they are committed to Santa Cruz and to giving back to the river. Now when I see those faces in the hall, I feel that we have a little bit of a shared connection.

Elisabeth Foster

Global Trade Compliance Analyst, Plantronics

It was a great experience and it felt good to know that we did this together as a team and that we helped make a difference. No matter what our reasons for being there that day, we worked together as a team and we had fun doing it! Every time I drive that way, I always look at the parklet to see how it is doing and if it is still doing okay. It means a lot to me to know that one day that this little parklet will grow into something even more beautiful. Hopefully, it will grow into a beautiful little parklet that other people of Santa Cruz can enjoy as well as being beneficial to the environment.

Julie Chiu

Treasury Specialist, Plantronics

Join CWC along the San Lorenzo River for a team building experience for your corporate team or community group today.

Volunteer opportunities provide corporate teams, community groups and organizations with the perfect platform to build unity (enhance teamwork/encourage team bonding), through volunteerism in your own backyard. Our efforts are focused on making sure your team has an enriched experience that is both enjoyable, and impactful. Whether your group is interested in restoring the habitat along the San Lorenzo River or monitoring the water quality of Santa Cruz County watersheds, we are here to ensure a unique experience that your team will never forget!

Transform your team with an experience with the Coastal Watershed Council

  • Break down barriers and get to know your colleagues on a more personal level.
  • Play a crucial role in changing your community for the better, demonstrate your commitment to a thriving community and help set the course of an improved future for your community.
  • Strengthen team identity and flex your river superpowers.
  • Explore personal passions and develop new commitments to community, together.

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