Deep gratitude and sincere, warm thanks to the many generous donors who give financially to the Coastal Watershed Council throughout the year, including some of you who give on a monthly basis. CWC donors’ generous gifts add to the time and energy invested by our volunteers, staff, Board of Directors and partners. For some, philanthropy comes to mind near the year end, either because of the overall gracious sentiment of the holiday gifting season, because one can assess how the year’s finances are ending up or as an annual year-end act of gratitude.

Whether you give throughout the year or this month, CWC invites you to consider how a financial gift to the river will make you feel. When you give to CWC, you’re helping us get kids outside through field trips to the river that connect kids’ science book lessons to the natural world. Your gift to CWC helps families, especially those who live nearest the river, attend free events throughout the year. They learn about the river and shape the Riverwalk by planting native species as an investment in a cleaner, healthier river. And by giving to CWC, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting the only organization with a sole focus on the future of this special river. Thank you again for considering a gift to CWC this holiday season.

There are multiple ways to invest in CWC:

Mail a Check Etc

We’ll make it easy and fun for you to give!


The Coastal Watershed Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered as a public benefit corporation with the California Secretary of State and the Federal IRS. All contributions are tax-deductible per applicable laws. Federal tax ID # 68-0368798. Make a gift online using this secure PayPal form, call CWC Executive Director Greg Pepping directly at (831) 226-0304 or mail a check made payable to Coastal Watershed Council to 107 Dakota Avenue, Suite 4, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.

CWC continues to evolve our approach to inviting support from the community. Many thanks to Community Centered Fundraising and Nonprofit AF, two organizations who are shaping our approach to philanthropy. Informed by their teachings, we invite everyone to support our colleagues doing important work related to CWC’s mission. Please consider making a generous gift to the following organizations this year:



Thank you for showing your generosity and your care for rivers and people by supporting the Coastal Watershed Council and others. Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

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