“As a Watershed Ranger, I promise to protect and care for our community and the San Lorenzo River. I promise to continue to explore the San Lorenzo River, ask what I can do to help out and share what I know with others.”

–Watershed Ranger Pledge
As 2019 comes to a close, the Coastal Watershed Council’s education program is not winding down. In fact, just the opposite. The end of the year is a fresh beginning for hundreds of Santa Cruz County youth who have become official Watershed Rangers over the past month. These brilliant K-8th grade students have investigated watershed science phenomena to an extent beyond understanding. CWC’s Watershed Rangers come up with solutions to some of our watershed’s most challenging issues including erosion, stormwater runoff, native habitat loss, and perils facing San Lorenzo steelhead trout.

Youth who become sworn Watershed Rangers make a promise to protect the San Lorenzo River, share what they know with others, and vow to never stop exploring. Students take their new role as Watershed Rangers very seriously; it’s not uncommon for students to hold a hand over their heart or salute with pride as they receive their official wooden Watershed Rangers badge. For this season’s newest Watershed Rangers, the end of 2019 marks the beginning of their role as official San Lorenzo River stewards.


Are you interested in joining CWC’s education team, or know someone who might be? We are currently accepting applications for a part-time After-School Educator to lead education and enrichment activities after-school at community centers and elementary and middle schools and on field trips to the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz, CA. The After-School Educator position is an entry-level position that will collaborate with the Education Manager Mollie Behn and Environmental Educator Sam Adelson to engage and empower youth 6 to 14 years old in pursuit of CWC’s mission of watershed protection.

Happy end of the year! We look forward to hearing from you, seeing you along the Santa Cruz Riverwalk, or chatting at a Coastal Watershed Council event in 2020.

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