The year is 2025 and you have created the Santa Cruz Riverwalk of your dreams.

You decided what activities you can do there, what features to add, how to connect the Riverwalk with the San Lorenzo River and how the Riverwalk makes you feel. Maybe your Riverwalk is a place that you go to spend time with friends and family, relax, play, bird watch, fish the San Lorenzo River, bike, eat lunch or shop. Maybe it is a place that feels active, historic, walkable or green. It’s YOUR call because it is the Riverwalk of YOUR dreams.

The Riverwalk of your dreams has four core attributes. These four components are considered by the Project for Public Spaces, national experts on urban planning, as integral to great places for people to socialize, connect and enjoy themselves. The Santa Cruz Riverwalk is:

  1. A social space.
  2. A comfortable space that has a good image.
  3. An accessible space.
  4. A space where people are engaged in activities.

Simple enough, right? Now, take the survey below to share your vision.  Your vision will inform future CWC programming, events and Riverwalk improvements as we make the Riverwalk of our dreams a reality. We can’t wait to see what you’ve dreamed up.

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