The Coastal Watershed Council is excited to announce the newest addition to our Board of Directors, Emma Ussat! Emma currently works as the Senior Community Engagement Manager at Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship, where she helps build trails and communities. With a background in environmental stewardship and a love for fostering collaboration, she brings expertise in public programs, fundraising, and relationship building to her role on the Board.

Emma has lived in Santa Cruz since 2007 and has a passion for the environment, especially for mycology and botany. Her commitment to diversity and inclusion, combined with her ongoing education in leadership and environmental studies, enables her to contribute meaningfully to the Coastal Watershed Council’s mission of preserving and enhancing our watersheds for future generations.

Emma will draw on her experience to inform CWC’s efforts to engage community members in habitat restoration and stewardship of the San Lorenzo River and Riverwalk. She is a certified California Naturalist and loves going to Science on Tap talks, running in the redwoods, reading on the beach, and spending time with loved ones. Please join us in welcoming Emma to CWC!

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