The Coastal Watershed Council is proud to support the Santa Cruz County Water and Wildfire Protection Act. Set to appear on the November ballot, the Act focuses on water quality protection, wildfire risk reduction, the health of Monterey Bay and our beaches, forest preservation, wildlife habitat enhancement, and the improvement of parks and natural areas. The measure will fund local activities that will:

  • Protect groundwater, natural water sources, and other natural water sources now and for future generations, including local creeks, streams and rivers
  • Preserve and protect the health of the Monterey Bay and our beaches by addressing pollution
  • Reduce the risk of dangerous and damaging wildfires
  • Protect redwood trees and local forests
  • Restore wildlife habitats and protect endangered native species, marine life, and wetlands
  • Care for and maintain natural areas, open spaces, and parks

You can show your support for this measure by donating, endorsing or volunteering to walk 100 precincts across Santa Cruz County! Get involved today.

Learn more about the Water and Wildfire Protection Act at or via Facebook and Instagram.

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