How do you take action for the lower San Lorenzo River and the Santa Cruz Riverwalk? There are so many ways to make a difference! Hear from Community Foundation CEO Susan True about how she takes action to transform the lower San Lorenzo River into a community destination where people and nature thrive!

Recently, I had a big day! I was sworn in as a Watershed Ranger – see my badge? Here’s what I said I would do:

As a Watershed Ranger, I promise to protect and care for our community and our environment, to continue to explore our amazing natural places and share what I know with others.

I raised my hand, I took the pledge and decided to fully embrace CWC’s dream for the last three miles of the San Lorenzo.

I take my job as a Watershed Ranger seriously. I greet people every time I am on the Riverwalk. I pick up bits of trash. I talk to the Downtown Streets Team about what they are doing to beautify the area. This wasn’t some altruistic act – it makes me happy to dream this dream with CWC. When I bike on the pathway now, I foresee where beneficial plants will be (and already have been) planted. When I walk, I imagine a flood-able park where I will stop and rest and chat with people enjoying the Riverwalk. I share the dream of inviting river-facing development – where we now just see cinder block will become dining, river living and walking to Pacific Avenue. I share the dream of people playing, reading books, interacting with art and biking to work along the Riverwalk. And, of course, I share the dream of a healthy river and watershed where creatures and our beautiful Monterey Bay thrive because of our positive human activity!

Have you taken the Watershed Rangers pledge? Come dream with us!

Take Action for Your River


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