On May 4, 2019, the Coastal Watershed Council will celebrate the 20th Annual Snapshot Day. Snapshot Day is the largest and longest running single-day water quality monitoring event in California. What makes Snapshot Day an exceptional event and a long-standing success?

Snapshot Day connects people through experiences in nature: 

Snapshot Day provides an opportunity for people to explore local watersheds and get to know fellow community members and water enthusiasts. We believe that people who explore and learn about their local watersheds together will be inspired and empowered to support environmental protection. Snapshot Day monitoring, which includes over 100 sites from San Mateo to San Luis Obispo in one day, would not be possible without the support of youth and adult volunteers.

Snapshot Day represents a 20-year collaboration of water quality practitioners on the Central Coast:

Snapshot Day was born of a partnership between the Coastal Watershed Council and the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Now, the single-day campaign is made possible by a network of diverse public agencies, local companies and non-profits all committed to healthy coastal watersheds and a thriving Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Snapshot Day grows environmental literacy and water quality awareness:

Snapshot Day data informs the public about the health of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the watersheds flowing to it. Data provides specific information on water quality impairments in over 55 Central Coast streams that connect our communities to the Monterey Bay. Snapshot Day findings inform best management practices for water quality improvements. Reports highlight easy stewardship actions for protecting water quality and riparian ecosystems.

Snapshot Day equips water resource managers:

It is highly unusual for a monitoring program to exist for 20 years and provide uninterrupted annual data.  Even with just one data point a year, long-term monitoring is valuable in comparing data between sites and for identifying trends. This enables resource managers to prioritize systems with poor water quality. Snapshot Day data has been used by regulatory agencies to ensure coastal streams are achieving their designated beneficial uses.


Join the 20-year tradition and see water quality monitoring and stewardship in action during this years event! Sign up to volunteer below.
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