Take Action At Work for the San Lorenzo River

There’s a role for everyone — including you! Here’s what you can do:

Take Action At Work for the San Lorenzo River

Volunteer with Your Team

Volunteer opportunities provide corporate teams, community groups and organizations with the perfect platform to enhance teamwork and encourage team bonding, through volunteerism in your own backyard. Our efforts are focused on making sure your team has an enriched experience that is both enjoyable and impactful.

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Sponsor an Event

Sponsor an Event or Program

Your business is already committed to environmental stewardship. Now, make it known. As a sponsor of the Coastal Watershed Council events, you’ll receive many benefits listed including recognition, opportunities for employee engagement and a sustainable environmental legacy for Santa Cruz.

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Commute to Work on the Riverwalk

Commute on the Riverwalk

Walking or riding the Riverwalk is a great way to beat traffic, get some exercise, de-stress and enjoy nature on your way to and from work. From the Riverwalk it’s easy to get downtown, to the Harvey West neighborhood, to West Cliff Drive, Arana Gulch and more.

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Take a Walking Meeting at work

Take a Walking Meeting

Have you discovered the benefits of holding walking meetings? As Harvard Business Review describes the benefits can range from increased creativity to more honest exchanges with colleagues to supporting increased focus throughout the rest of your day. So, what are you waiting for?

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