Where Does All the Water Go?

Grade: 2nd

Supports Content Standards:
NGSS:  2-PS1-1, 2-PS1-2
Math: Measurement and Data CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.D.10

Complements FOSS Kit
Grade 2: Pebbles, Sand, and Silt

Lesson Series Overview
When it rains, the water can go into the ground, into the San Lorenzo River or, flow down streets and sidewalks. Students will investigate how rain flows differently over permeable and impermeable surfaces. They will watch videos and read short student text to learn about stormwater runoff and water pollution. Then, in an experiment, students will collect/analyze data on how well sand, soil and rocks filter out pollution. Students will apply their knowledge to take on a simple action project to help reduce stormwater runoff and water pollution. Students will be guided through a variety of hands-on activities, observations, writing and drawing assignments, and gain content knowledge by watching brief videos.

Lesson Series Materials
Lesson activities are shared in hyperdocs which are documents that include instructions and links to the activities. Each of the seven lessons has their own individual hyperdoc which can be accessed from the below Teacher Lesson Overview Hyperdoc. You will also find supporting documents below as well.

Teacher Guide
Student Journal-Fillable PDF
Stormwater Runoff and Water Pollution Student Reader
Sand, Soil, Rocks Filter Pollution Student Reader
Make it Rain Observation Graphic Organizer
Example Permeable Surface Design

Schedule “Where Does the Water Go?”
If you are interested in scheduling the “Where Does the Water Go?” lesson series, please use the below registration form. Please contact Mollie Behn, Education Manager, with any questions at mbehn@coastal-watershed.org.