We All Live in a Watershed (Distance Learning)

Grade: Kindergarten
Supported by generous funding from the County of Santa Cruz Green Schools Program and the City of Santa Cruz

Lesson Series Overview
When there is more water in the San Lorenzo River, it is easier for Steelhead Trout to live and grow. All living things depend on the same natural resources for their survival, albeit in different ways. Students will examine the similarities and differences between human and Steelhead Trout use of water and how human uses of water impact the survival of Steelhead Trout. Students will apply their knowledge to identify actions we can all take to conserve water. Students will be guided through a variety of hands-on activities, observations, writing and drawing assignments, and gain content knowledge by watching brief videos. 

Supports Content Standards
NGSS: K-LS1-1, K-ESS3-1, K-ESS3-3

Lesson Series Materials
Lesson activities are shared in hyperdocs which are documents that include instructions and links to the activities. Each of the seven lessons has their own individual hyperdoc which can be accessed from the below Teacher Lesson Overview Hyperdoc. You will also find supporting documents below as well.

Click here for the Teacher Lesson Overview Hyperdoc
Student Journal
Human Water Use Survey
Example of a completed Live and Grow Chart
Saving Water, Saving Fish Graphic Organizer
What did the fish do? drawing graphic organizer

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