Latest News From the Coastal Watershed Council


Over the years the Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) has been best known for water quality monitoring. We’ve trained hundreds of volunteers just like you to find out what’s in your local creeks, streams, and rivers. We’re still monitoring, we’re still bringing you to learn more about your watershed and we’re still in classrooms across Santa Cruz County teaching watershed education.

And now, we’ve grown. We now have a positive impact on our watersheds and on the Santa Cruz community that’s much bigger than just the Coastal Watershed Council.

CWC has successfully brought together experts, advocates and stakeholders across the county to focus on and make a BIG difference for the San Lorenzo River watershed. The response to CWC forming the San Lorenzo River Alliance with key partners has been tremendously enthusiastic. You might have seen CWC in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the Good Times and more.

And with this enthusiasm people just like you have offered their support. By sharing your ideas for the river, volunteering to help, and becoming a member of the Coastal Watershed Council you are driving this forward.

Join us today! Give $50 or more and become a member of the Coastal Watershed Council. As a member you’ll receive invitations to exclusive events, be specially recognized for your contribution, and inspire others to support CWC, our work in the San Lorenzo River Alliance, and the preservation and protection of other coastal watersheds.

Donate online, over the phone by calling (831) 464-9200, or by mailing a check to the Coastal Watershed Council at 345 Lake Ave., Suite F, Santa Cruz, CA 95062.

Thank you for your generosity and have a happy new year!

And a big thank you to Aaron McKinnon who put together the video above, one of our favorites of 2014!