Latest News From the Coastal Watershed Council


Summer is here! …and with it comes CWC’s San Lorenzo River Explorers program. 50 kids from Nueva Vista (formerly Beach Flats Community Center) will join the Coastal Watershed Council this summer to have fun and explore the San Lorenzo Watershed. Together we play educational games, learn about water quality and hike and bike our way through the watershed. Check out some of the Explorers in action today!

The environmental summer camp program takes place every Thursday of the six-week long Summer Fun camp. Explorers traverse the San Lorenzo Watershed starting at the lower San Lorenzo by the Explorers’ homes and then visiting the upper watersheds, hiking through giant redwood groves and along little rivulets that are the beginnings of the San Lorenzo River.

Besides having lots of fun, the ultimate goal is to motivate the Explorers to influence their friends families to become good watershed stewards. Kids in the program learn about the proper use of fertilizers, cleansers, oil, and other household chemicals. Each Explorer is taught to use scientific equipment for water quality monitoring and identification of benthic macroinvertebrates (small organisms in the water). By the end of the summer camp, each San Lorenzo River Explorer has become a knowledgeable watershed steward ready to share what they have learned with friends, families and their community!